Disclaimer: This is a blog that I post my fan fiction. Stories that are based on the book by Stephenie Meyer. This blog is in no way trying to copy or take any credit from the author of the Twilight Saga Series books. As a fan who respects Ms. Meyer, and because of her, I get to explore my own creativity as a writer. It is in no way my intent to infringe on her or her work. I thank Ms. Meyer’s for her creativity and imagination. All characters that are based on the Twilight book belong to Ms. Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight Saga Series turned out to be pretty good reads. Kudos to Stephene Meyer for her good old fashion fluff. Well written for the romantic at heart. So to put a twist on things I created a Twilight Fan Fiction story myself. I like to call them TwiFanFic’s. I love to write, so I thought I would take a chance and write a Fan Fiction based on some of the characters of the Saga Series. Hopefully you do enjoy fluff, because thats all this is, its fluff, and fun.

One of my Twilight Fan Fictions is password protected. If you would like to read the private story and you are 18 or older,  contact me via twitter @1CreativeWolf and I will send you a DM with the password. Thanks.

Navigating around is pretty easy, at the very tip top you will see to the right, a nav bar – if you put your mouse over 1st Story, you will see the Chapters that go with that Story underneath.

I have also added Twilight Saga Series Info, video’s etc. Look around and click away !

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